Vic Brown

About Victorea:

Born and raised in Nebraska by public school educators, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Geology and Mineralogy with Honors at the Ohio State University in 1988, and then moving west to the mountains of Utah to obtain her Law Degree at the University of Utah in 1991, Ms. Brown now calls San Marcos, Texas her home.

Having a strong interest in math and natural science as a young child, Ms. Brown focused her college studies on the environment and geology which spurred her interest in going to law school to start a profession in environmental or natural resource law.  Once in law school, Ms. Brown quickly learned her true passion was working with people in need during difficult times.  Criminal Law, Family Law and Juvenile Law became her passion while obtaining her law degree in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She was fortunate enough to be guided by her criminal law professor into service with the United States Army Judge Advocate Corps upon graduation from law school to accelerate her experience in trial advocacy.  In the spring of 1992, Ms. Brown and her husband moved to Fort Hood, Texas to begin a 9 year career as an active duty officer/attorney with the U.S. Army.

Ms. Brown practiced as both a Chief prosecutor for the military commands and also represented soldiers as a defense attorney in criminal and adverse administrative proceedings.  Crimes and offenses ranged from simple disciplinary infractions, assaults [physical and sexual], drug offenses, thefts, and fraud to rape.   Ms. Brown provided active duty soldiers, reserve soldiers, retired soldiers, and their family members legal assistant in family law, personnel law, tax law, and landlord/tenant law.  While serving on active duty, Ms. Brown participated in numerous Preparations for Overseas Movement, preparing wills, powers of attorney, and all other necessary legal documents for soldiers and their family members before our troops deployed.  Ms. Brown was also fortunate to serve as a liaison officer with the Mexican Army in a joint training operation for attorneys while serving at Fort Sam Houston.

Her final duty station was at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and she received an Honorable Discharge, achieving the rank of Major, from the U.S. Army JAG Corps in the winter of 2001.  She immediately took a position as an Assistant District Attorney in Caldwell County, Texas, in felony, misdemeanor and juvenile court.  Shortly after that, she transferred to the Hays County District Attorney’s office and continued her role as a prosecutor.  After working as a prosecutor in Hays County, Ms. Brown moved into private practice.  She focused on criminal defense work, death penalty appellate work, and took on family law cases.

Since April 2003, Ms. Brown has operated her solo practice, with primary areas of practice being Criminal Defense, Juvenile Defense, and Family Law.  She has defended individuals in numerous offenses over her 25+ year career including DWI’s, thefts, aggravated assaults, drug offenses, property cases, fraud, sex crimes, crimes against the family and children, and murder.  Her clients range from juveniles to adults.

Her success is well-known as a defense attorney, achieving numerous NOT GUILTY jury verdicts, obtaining dismissals of charges before they even get to a trial, and even getting cases declined before being charged by a prosecutor.

Ms. Brown also enjoys working with families during difficult times such as divorce, involvement with Child Protective Services, and child support actions, as well as during positive times in a growing family such as determination of parentage and adoptions.  She finds balance in being able to practice in both criminal law and family law for her clients.

Experience and integrity are key in Ms. Brown’s practice of the law.  She enjoys working with her clients, and enjoys helping people make better of their difficult situations.  Her goal is to see that everyone is treated with dignity and respect, no matter who they are, or where they come from in life.  Ms. Brown represents her clients with the understanding that EVERYONE deserves the same zealous representation and equal protection under the laws of this state and our country.